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Subject: Re: wq sac format
From: Larry Cochrane cochrane@..............
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 14:39:52 -0700


At 11:20 PM 10/18/00 +0200,  Francesco wrote:
>Hi gang.
>I noted this problem in Winquake:
>when I save a file in sac_binary and  review it, the file have lost
station inf and some other part of header.  In fact, Sac id appear in
station form of "modify" mený, instead of....Rome, Los Angeles etc...

You loss some information when you save a PSN file as a SAC file. This is
because the SAC format does not have all of the fields that the PSN format
has. The main fields that are missing are the comment and station name

>In the last week I begin to use a dos program (Iaspei) to localize
regional event, that read sac format (ascii, also) input file. But, with
these files saved by WQ, it's impossible to run it fine, because it don't
recognize the sac-header (station ID and coordinates). The same problem
with ascii format (ascii-psn..?).

If you have a SAC file that does work with the Iaspei program send it to me
(in a private message) so I can see what the difference is between a file
saved by WinQuake and one that can be read in by the program.

-Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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