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Subject: Note on a diamagnetics item
From: meredith lamb mlamb1@..........
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 14:42:20 -0800

Hi all,

Although diamagnetics isn't a strong interest item, I note that
Forcefield/Wondermagnet now has in stock some diamagnetic
graphite blocks for sale at a very reasonable price, per my
own past experience with a variety of graphite/bismuth.  Its
hard to find "good" diamagnetic graphite when going any home
brew or salvage/surplus route.  The size shown is not
commonly found anywhere.  The pictures at this site are
very good, and in the route illustrated offers a very low cost
visual observer only approach to this phenomena.  :

Off the bat, I'd recommend the little gold plate cube, it has
a better field strength, and is available there also.  Its visually
easier to see movement changes.

My own N-S experimental Hall sensor geomagnetic/crude seismo,
is still in operation at this time....but for seismic purposes,
it is only a curiosity and non-effective approach....that I 
tried....and don't recommend for seismic use.  Fun to try though.
I use a much more expensive grade of graphite mainly for long
term "floatation" temperature variation stability.

The URL does lead to other pictures that maybe of interest
and also to my own linked reference amateur site, as well
as other related/non-related subjects.   

Take care,  Meredith Lamb


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