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Subject: R: Digital Seismic drum
From: "Francesco" franuc@......
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 19:52:58 +0100

Hello Arie.

Relevant idea and good realization.
From some weeks I and Mauro Mariotti, of PSN-Italy, are interested in =
the same features.=20
I send an e-mail to Larry to know a right way to visualize on web the =
traces of the stations from SDR. Actually the only system is to replay =
from Winquake a lot of time of record, then it save automatically into a =
gif format and at least put it in the web server. To do this action we =
have realized a batch file that, every * minutes generate a replay file =
into sdr replay directory and save a gif file. Not too complicated.
But the problem is that so doing, we show by internet a winquake trace =
and window, with a Y view not resizable and one row only...
I wish to view all the traces of the day, or the traces recorded within =
a certain point.
Almost the same thing of your software.......

To send the gif file into web server we will use a freeware software =
(watchcam) that automatically create an html page with the immage,  =
connect with our ISP and upload the right directory every 1 (or + or =

Please, can you tell me more information about your program?

Francesco Nucera     -  Italy


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