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Subject: Re: R: Digital Seismic drum
From: Arie Verveer ajbv@............
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 03:28:25 -0500

Hello Francesco and Others,

I wrote the program called "drum.exe" that requests data files from the "SDR" logging
computer and then convert these binary data files into a "GIF" format file, report. The
converted data can be digitally filtered , and automatically or manual scaled. The 
report can be  "yesterdays" data or an update of today's data. Its operation
depends on an external "scheduling" program, which launches this program at, predetermined 
times. This form of operation allows for greater flexibility. As the "scheduling" program
may be specific program, a server "cgi" request and so on. I use WinSchedular to launch the
program and AutoFTP to send the generated "GIF" reports to two web sites. You
see,  my station is some 11 kilometres from home. Anyhow you might want to check out 
Charlie's site at for an example of the "today's" version of the program. 

The shortest "SDR" time sequence is 120 minutes and the longest is 720 minutes. All the 
parameters are kept in a "*.ini" file associated with the program. It contains
all the directory locations, file names, low pass, high pass, notch, band pass filter
settings, display scale and so on.

At the moment the code is being beta tested. It seems there may be some small interest
in the program, but I'll need to talk to Larry and Charlie Plyler before I release the
program freely. The "SDR" file structure is Larry's and the code probably wouldn't 
have been written this year without Charlie's interest in the magnetic data. So if 
all goes well you and any "PSN" members are welcome to the program. Remember for
it to run in an automatic mode you need a networked computer to the "SDR" logging 
computer. You can manually load the "SDR" files and use the program to generate
a report but that's labour intensive. This program is only a Helio-plot of the 
data not an analysis program.

I hope this is helpful. If you or a PSN member, sill want the program, Email me at:


and then I'll approach the participants for approval.



PS: I write terrible documentation:

> Relevant idea and good realization.
> >From some weeks I and Mauro Mariotti, of PSN-Italy, are interested in the same features.
> I send an e-mail to Larry to know a right way to visualize on web the traces of the stations from SDR. Actually the only syst
em is to replay from Winquake a lot of time of record, then it save automatically into a gif format and at least put it in the 
web server. To do this action we have realized a batch file that, every * minutes generate a replay file into sdr replay direct
ory and save a gif file. Not too complicated.
> But the problem is that so doing, we show by internet a winquake trace and window, with a Y view not resizable and one row on
> I wish to view all the traces of the day, or the traces recorded within a certain point.
> Almost the same thing of your software.......
> To send the gif file into web server we will use a freeware software (watchcam) that automatically create an html page with t
he immage,  connect with our ISP and upload the right directory every 1 (or + or -)hour.
> Please, can you tell me more information about your program?

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