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Subject: Re: Ferrite mat'l
From: "George Harris" gjharris@.............
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 09:17:33 -0800


There are difficulties which make ferrite unsuitable.  The primary one is
that the maximum flux denisty is much less than iron.  The second is that
ferrites can only be ground to shape.  Thay are so brittle and hard that any
other method of forming is nearly impossible.
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From: barry lotz 

> Hi All
>     I was wondering , Sean Thomas has described in detail how to
> construct a speaker style coil for use in a smt8 sensor.  Various
> factors were discussed to improve the strength of the coil/magnet .  My
> question, to Sean Thomas  and all, is  would the use of ferrite over
> steel improve the magnet field concentration and therefore sensor
> performance. I have seen various ferrite shapes. I'm not sure how well
> it machines.
> Regards
> Barry
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