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Subject: Re: Virus Warning
From: "Ted Blank" ted@..........
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 08:05:11 -0500

It is good advice not to run any executable that comes from an unknown (and
therefore untrusted) source.  .VBS is another type of executable file
(Visual Basic Script) and some nasty viruses have come packaged this way.
But not all attachments that end in .exe contain viruses.  We used to
distribute our programs as .exe attachments BLW (Before Larry and the Web).
Just be doubly careful with these files.

I also urge people to beware of a simple trick:  naming a file something
like    funnyjoke.txt.exe    where your eye might catch the 'txt' part and
you double click on it (thinking that Wordpad or some editor will get
invoked).  Of course, Windows only looks at the last extension which is
'exe' and poof you are in trouble.

BTW, the URL in the note below should end in html, not htm.

Ted Blank

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Doug Crice @.............. on 11/22/2000 12:28:18 AM

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Subject:  Virus Warning

If you get a message with a link with the extension .pif or .exe, don't
open it, it contains a virus.

You can read about it at
Doug Crice      
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