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Subject: Re: solar storm
From: Arie Verveer ajbv@............
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 09:17:44 +0800

Hi, I agree the association between all quakes and geomagnetic
events is tenuous. Though in this case,  one can read it a few
ways. No association, or the geomagnetic activity triggered
the quake or the activity was observed before the quake. On larry's
system is two files that may be of interest. 000916a.au2 000916a.au4

The latter is the ULF radiation and the other is the recording of a
local quake. What the data seems to show is a geomagnetic disturbance
at the exact time of the quake. After a short travel time the 
quake was recorded. I also have a few more samples like this. 

This may be a coincidence or its real. If its real, then its worth 
looking into. Statistics will only tell. My guess is there is some
triggering but statistical insignificant. There has been some examples 
of increased ULF radiation before a distant big (deep) quakes on 
quite geomagnetic days.

Whatever the final conclusion, its just interesting monitoring
these events. 



> Regarding geomagnetic events and telluric currents:
> Rather than trying to associate them with earthquakes, a
> more probable cause is another large solar storm that erupted
> yesterday and is expected to cause radio and power grid
> disturbances today and tomorrow, with the Northern Lights
> taking in a southern range as far as N. California to Carolina.
> Maybe someone can report some more detailed info and sources,
> particularly the timing of the current swarm of storms. The AP
> reported 6 major flares in 48 hours.
> Regards,
> Sean-Thomas

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