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Subject: Good Xmas gift suggestion for kids
From: "Ted Blank" ted@..........
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 06:45:47 -0500

If you have (or know people who have) kids maybe 8 and up, Sierra makes a
game called The Incredible Machine 3.0.  My kids have enjoyed it for years
- ok, I admit it, so do I.  Basically you try to solve puzzles by arranging
various contraptions rather like a Rube Goldberg.  The "incredible" part to
me is the animation - when you click Go the thing comes to life, gravity
makes things fall, bouncing things bounce, mice turn cages to supply power
to objects that need to rotate, candles (if you can light them with a
flashlight and mag. glass) burn through ropes...   I don't know why this
thing doesn't get more press.  Anyway, it's part of something called the
Sierra Family Game Pak which I got for $15 on one of the web software
sites.  Your kids/nephews/nieces/grandkids will enjoy this one, and it's a
welcome break from all the shoot-em-up junk.

Ted Blank


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