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Subject: Re: Good Xmas gift suggestion for kids
From: Mike Lozano mikel@...............
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 06:36:27 -0600

Hi Ted,

If you'll give me the URL, I'll post it to my website - it gets 5000 hits a day
from 19 countries.  My  educational website is aimed mostly at kids and their

Mike Lozano, mikel@...............

Ted Blank wrote:

> If you have (or know people who have) kids maybe 8 and up, Sierra makes a
> game called The Incredible Machine 3.0.  My kids have enjoyed it for years
> - ok, I admit it, so do I.  Basically you try to solve puzzles by arranging
> various contraptions rather like a Rube Goldberg.  The "incredible" part to
> me is the animation - when you click Go the thing comes to life, gravity
> makes things fall, bouncing things bounce, mice turn cages to supply power
> to objects that need to rotate, candles (if you can light them with a
> flashlight and mag. glass) burn through ropes...   I don't know why this
> thing doesn't get more press.  Anyway, it's part of something called the
> Sierra Family Game Pak which I got for $15 on one of the web software
> sites.  Your kids/nephews/nieces/grandkids will enjoy this one, and it's a
> welcome break from all the shoot-em-up junk.
> Regards,
> Ted Blank
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