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Subject: Seismograph Timing
From: "Robert L. Hancock" robert.hancock@...........
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 22:26:02 -0500

I have noticed periodic exchanges on the problems and solutions to
obtaining the correct time for timing and keeping timed a seismograph..
I plan on building one in the forseeable future, and this along with
other subjects has been of interest to me.  Recently, I ran across a
page from the US Naval Observatory, our official timekeeper, about
computer programs that can be downloaded and used to maintain timing
with computers  I have installed one on my computer and was surprised at
how much drift there was in my cpu clock.

The main page for the US Naval Observatory is

I am not certain how useful this will be to anyone, but thought I would
mention it as I do remember having seen this source discussed.  Most
discussions seemed to be focused on either receiving WWV or a similar
type signal, or using the timing obtained from the GPS satelites.  This
site has a large variety of programs utilizing many different operating
systems.  Some are shareware and free while others require registration
and $.

Hopefully this will help someone..........


Bob Hancock
Randolph, NJ


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