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Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 13:59:02 -0500

  This would probably work.  A  method which involves less sawing of
concrete would be to drill three holes in the floor, say 2" in diameter,
placed approx. under where the feet on the seismometer will be.
  This would be rather easy using a hole saw.  Then, drive pipe into the
underlying ground in such a way that the pipe does not touch the sides
of the hole in the floor.  Use, for example, 1" OD pipe.
  Then support the seismometer on the tops of the three pipes.  I'll bet
that the isolation from floor bending would be very good.
  When the attraction of amateur seismometry pales (or if the holes
become geysers) , it would be easier to cement up the holes than if a
big square had been cut out.
Bob Barns

Bob Barns

Ted Blank wrote:
> Has anybody tried taking a concrete saw and isolating a square of the floor
> in the corner of their basement?  (Best done while the wife is shopping I
> imagine).  Would this really have any benefit or would the bending stresses
> just be transmitted via the packed earth to the "floating" square?
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