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Subject: Regarding noise
From: n0cwr@.........
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 12:27:26 +0000

Regarding the location in the basement.

Is it possible you have to consider  more than just noise from above the 
basement to be concerned with.

On windy days my noise floor rises. This could be due to the motion of the 
but what about the two 50-60 foot trees in my yard? Could they be  a factor?
I don't receive a lot of street traffic night or day on the street in front 
of my house.
But my noise level appears higher on any given daytime as compared to the
early hours of the morning whether anyone is at home or not.
When they were doing construction blocks away on a road, I swear I could see
the "bucket spikes" as they busted and removed concrete
slabs. I would imagine those that live in the country have lower noise levels.
The more secluded the better. Is this possible? 


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