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Subject: Re: Helicorder updates on a web site
From: The Lahrs johnjan@........
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 18:32:14 -0700

Thanks for the ftp lines, as it's good to have these things
documented for other users.  Each morning on my USGS Sun
computer a cron program runs that extracts a few long period
waveforms  for the largest event to occur in the past 7 days.  A
few minutes later a scheduled task on the lobby display Win95
PC runs a batch file that downloads these files so that they will
be displayed by Seismic Waves during the daytime.

I'm not sure about WinNT, but on Win95 one can schedule
multiple tasks with one entry in the scheduler.  Within
the Scheduled Tasks program, look at the properties of a
specific task, click on the Schedule tab, press the Advanced
button and then fill in the repeat interval in the Repeat Task

Do you have to use "AT" commands on an NT?

I like the seismograms on your web page.  How do you
create the GIF files?


At 04:47 PM 12/10/00 , you wrote:
>I'm not sure if you are asking what lines should be in your batch file to
>ftp it.  If you are, then, under windows nt: ...

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