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Subject: monitoring a remote seismograph
From: Bob rwspahn@.............
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 22:07:31 -0600

Can anyone tell me how you go about monitoring a remote seismograph

It will have AC power, the computer will be on site, and the link will
have to be RF, (no phone lines). I have an ideal site for my
seismometer, but will have to link it via amateur radio. It is at a
repeater site and I have available, ATV (amateur television) and FM

channels. I was thinking of using standard modems with the audio on the
subcarrier, full duplex.

Will Larry's program support remote data transfer?

This does not have to be real time monitoring. What I intend to do, is
poll the site and collect the information periodically. Any ideas ?

Bob - WD5BJW


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