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Subject: Re: New kid on the PSN block.
From: johnc c cole johnccole1@........
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 23:35:20 -0600

 It will be great to have you on the PSN. I have three and sometimes four
detectors running at all times . I prefer N/S . I have some E/W. As far
as being in an area that is not known for seismic activity,forget it.
Ninety nine %and more of the events will be no closer than 1000 miles. We
use the horizontal pendulum detectors and consistently record events from
everywhere. The average distance is about six or seven thousand miles. If
the instrument that you have is built right and is set up properly, your
location is of no importance. 
  Many of the instruments on PSN that you see every day ,i built. Frank
Cooper in Friendswood, Tx. . Don Wheeler in sterling ,La. use my
detectors. Frank  uses two of my detectors and Don  has three on line .
Check them out. I also use Larry Cochrans amp etc.
    We all look forward to you being on PSN . Good luck .                
                       John C Cole
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