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Subject: Sound and precursors
From: Mariotti Mauro mariottim@............
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:39:19 +0100

It's around two years that i looking for precursors on seismic signal
speeded up by wave conversions.
I use the SOX converter. 
It's able to convert binary files to waw in many ways and made also
changes on loudness of the file as a volume control.
It's a wonderful experiment, i planning to translate one my web page
in english but due to the time i don't did so at moment.
If you want to see the italian page you could visit this page:
There an interesting correlation on precursors signal recorded in 8000
times speeded up seismic signals and ELF recorded by elfrad group.
And other interesting things like the ability to recognize doppler effect
on trucks passing near the station.

At 22.14 2000-12-13 -0600, you wrote:
>   Just wandering if any one had tried to convert  event files to some form
>of audio and play it back at a higher speed  through  the sound card? here
>is what I was able to do I  saved a file from winquake in PSN Binary to
>c:\whatever then I opened a program called cool edit 2000  "awesome sound
>editing software" and opened it under the *.*all file  option told it 44100
>16-bit Intel PCM it opened the event  but played it super fast so I slowed
>it down but I still have problems it seems  to cut off part of the event
>above a certain db level any help would be  appreciated. 
Mauro Mariotti


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