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Subject: Re: Sound?
From: Jim Hannon jmhannon@........
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 06:10:52 -0600

I have done it with CoolEdit. Here is an example One problem with the method you 
described is that the header in the PSN event file is not always an even 
number of bytes. This causes Cool edit to read the data portion of the file 
misaligned with the 16 bit words of the data. I wrote a little program to 
strip off the header information which fixes that problem. You will notice 
a little clipping in my example above but that is due to the original data 
being clipped.

At 10:14 PM 12/13/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Just wandering if any one had tried to convert event files to some form of 
>audio and play it back at a higher speed through the sound card? here is 
>what I was able to do I saved a file from winquake in PSN Binary to c:\whatever
>then I opened a program called cool edit 2000 "awesome sound editing 
>software" and opened it under the *.*all file option
>told it 44100 16-bit Intel PCM it opened the event but played it super 
>fast so I slowed it down but I still have problems it seems to cut off 
>part of the event above a certain db level any help would be appreciated.

Jim Hannon


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