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Subject: cheaper magnets!
From: heweisss@................
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:51:02 +0800

    Cadee Magnets Complex Chongqing(CMCC) is the professional manufacturer
of NdFeB,AlNiCo,Ferrite(Ba or Sr) permanent magnets located in China mainland. We accuminlated almost 30 years of
experience and currently export our products
to clients in Europe,North American,Southeast Asia,and Hongkong through
importers located there. Maybe you have already been our client for a long

    To serve our clients better, we began our effort to get them closer. As
a part of our effort,we send this E-mail and hope it to be the
begining of profitable business relation.

   We provide full set of our techdata in email on your demand.  We will be glad to get customized requirement or inquiry on te
details of our products .

We are quite sure of your more profit to do business with us!

Sincerely Yours


Chief of trade division CMCC.

fax: +86 23 62812123 voice: +86 23 62820911 email: heweisss@................
address: 1F-4 No.59 xiangsui Road Nanpin Chongqing China. 400060

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