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Subject: Re: Lehman seismograph
From: "Larry Conklin" lconklin@............
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 11:25:36 -0500


I have my SG sensor sitting on my concrete basement floor, and it is working
ok.  It has rather small leveling screws and I was having a problem with the
thing getting out of level for no apparent reason, every day or so.  I
solved the problem by gluing a couple of aluminum plates to the concrete for
the leveling screws to sit on.  I'm guessing that adjusting the leveling
screws was grinding the concrete surface and leaving a little dust under the
screw that made the foundation a little "flakey".   I suspect that unless
your leveling screws are completely free of the carpet you're likely to have
similar problems.

Larry Conklin

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From: "Ed Ianni" 
Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2000 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: Lehman seismograph

> Subject: Re: Lehman seismograph
> > Hi PSN members. Thanks for welcoming me to the PSN network. I have
> recently decided to build the Lehman seismograph.. I have completed the
> Transducer part of my "Lehman" and I am about to build an amplifier (which
> dread[can they be purchased or "requisitioned" anywhere])?. I have a small
> problem though and I hope that you may have some thoughts on it. The only>
> feasable place for me to place the seismograph seems to be in my basement
> > which has a thin carpet in it over a concrete floor. Do I need to cut
> > carpet away(the size of the Lehman base)? What do you think of the idea
> > using VERY LARGE and SHARP screws that would penetrate the carpet and
> > can also be used for Leveling? I have heard of some people using their
> > seismographs on other than the ground floor (wouldn't the waves be
> baffled/diminished)?
> > Any thoughts would certainly be appreciated. Thank you very much, Ed.
> >


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