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Subject: Re: Seismometers on ebay
From: "meredith lamb" mlamb1@..........
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 08:18:30 -0800

Amazing....but there is actually 6 seismometers there. Items #'s:
1204280154 1204282138 1204282921 1204287703 1204288753
1204290420 and if you count the vibration analyzer 1204676062
which is over $1000.00 now, thats 7.  All current auctions by
"info@..............", out of Albequebue, New Mexico.

Three short period vertical, one short period "omni-directional"
seis, and two Long period units.  The reserve on the long
period (10-30 sec) units IS established at $200.00 I see.

Should be interesting bidding....

Meredith Lamb

BOB BARNS wrote:

> Hi gang,
>   There are 3 seismometers currently on sale on ebay.  These are said to
> be Kinemetrics SV-1 5 sec verticals.  They look very good.  The current
> price is about $100.
>   Search on "kinemetrics"
> There is only 12 hrs. left for these auctions.
> Bob Barns


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