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Subject: Re: The entire world, at night.
From: "David A. Nelson" davenn@...........
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 12:32:14 +1100

Happy new year all

  yup i am still in the land of the living.... been residing in australia
for the last 12 months  and as yet dont have a system set up...
 am going to have to build a lehman as  very few local events to warrent
short period  geophones being used

 I am still doing updates and additions to the PSN members lists and maps 
so still send  info to me... thankyou

re  the world  nitetime view image... AWESOME   the first thought that comes
to my mind.. being an astronomer... is  no wonder its hard  to find dark
observing skies  in the western world  these days!!!

 i may have to move to the outback of aussie   haha....  dunno if my new
wife would be agreeable to that plan  tho

cheers and may 2001 be a great year for u all


			Dave A. Nelson   ZL4TBN
			13 Monash Rd.,   
			Gladesville,  (Sydney)
			NSW, Australia   

IF there indeed are other parallel universes... I can now rest in the
knowledge, that in at least one of them, I am filthy rich and drive a red


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