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Subject: Small and yet smaller Seismographs
From: "Danie Overbeek" danieo@............
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 11:04:47 +0000


I don't know what a mini-mini seismograph is but it cannot be
smaller than the Wood-Anderson torsional seismometer which has
a horizontal pendulum all of 6 millimetres long.  The instrument
was sold in kit form by the Sprengnether Instrument Company of
St Louis.  It was designed to record a trace on a drum wrapped
in photographic paper but one could substitute an electronic
optical transducer for the drum.  See "The Amateur Scientist"
by CL Stong, Heinemann, 1962, page 229.  This is the book
which started me off on seismography.  If you cannot access
the book then I'll be happy to quote a few paragraphs for psn.

Cheers all

Danie Overbeek.

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