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Subject: Re: Small and yet smaller Seismographs
From: D Collins dcollin@...........
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 06:41:40 -0700

At 04:04 AM 1/15/01 , you wrote:
>I don't know what a mini-mini seismograph is but it cannot be
>smaller than the Wood-Anderson torsional seismometer which has
>a horizontal pendulum all of 6 millimetres long.  The instrument
>was sold in kit form by the Sprengnether Instrument Company of
>St Louis.  It was designed to record a trace on a drum wrapped
>in photographic paper but one could substitute an electronic
>optical transducer for the drum.  See "The Amateur Scientist"
>by CL Stong, Heinemann, 1962, page 229.  This is the book
>which started me off on seismography.  If you cannot access
>the book then I'll be happy to quote a few paragraphs for psn.
>Cheers all
>Danie Overbeek.

THAT book started a lot of us on the path we are on now.



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