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Subject: Re: Cruel world and Wood-Andersons
From: bc bruce@.......
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 20:26:03 -0500

Gosh, I wonder what would happen if you installed a seismometer in a 
trailer park?  We could take up a pool to see which came first, the funnel 
or the quake.


At 03:03 PM 01/15/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>sean@........... wrote:
> > Re: "Goodbye cruel ..."; of course we all know that seismographs attract
> > earthquakes like lightning rods, so your chance of your wallet being
> > swallowed by a fissure increases exponentially with your success at
> > amateur seismology. (I have actually encountered this quake attraction
> > thinking in trying to permit telemetry station sites in the Ozarks.)
>I have talked to my apartment manager in Santa Monica about setting up
>a seismograph (because it would require minor alteration of their
>property) and he said it would be great.  He did, however, want some
>assurance that the thing wouldn't attract earthquakes!
>John Hernlund
>Department of Earth and Space Sciences
>University of California, Los Angeles
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