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Subject: Re: Footstep Detector
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 13:51:56 -0800

Gateway Electronics has a $10 kit including a geophone and adjustable
threshold detector that flashes an LED when it detects vibration.  Using a
relay instead of the LED, I think it would probably work for what you are

Their website is at 

I didn't see it on their website but I saw them in their store yesterday.
Perhaps an email to them would do the trick.



At 10:48 PM 1/18/2001 EST, you wrote:
>i am trying to use a geospace geophone to close set of contacts that 
>initiates a radio transmission to a remote reciever.  this thing needs to be 
>adjustable in sensitivity or amplification in order for human footsteps to
>the minimum neccessary to activate the contact closure.  it must be dc in 
>order to be used in the backwoods. any help or info would be greatly 
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