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Subject: RE: 6.5 Pakistan quake - Ohio Quake
From: Brian Zimmerman bzimmerman@............
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 01:31:16 -0500

Things are slow in the Lake Erie snow-belt in January.  A M4.2 is big news. 
 So far I've been live on all 3 local news shows and interviewed by 2 

While the news crews were filming, the surface waves from Pakistan were 
coming through.  Thanks to everyone out there on the PSN I had a suspicion 
that there was a large quake somewhere else and did not embarrass myself by 
assigning these large surface waves to the local event.  There was no way 
you were all recording our little quake.  Even less possible that the 
surface waves were local.

The last news crew got to film what looks to be the first after-shock at 
approximately 05:40.

Can't remember when I have had this much fun

Brian Zimmerman
Edinboro University of PA

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 << File: ATT00002.html >> Red Puma reports a 6.5 in Pakistan at 03:16:51, 
1/26.  It is still clipping the chart recorder here.
Frank Cooper, Friendswood, Texas


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