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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 21:35:53 -0900

Hello from Alaska.  I live on Cook Inlet which one side has the Alaska Range
which  has several active volcanoes, three of which have erupted in the last
15 years.  From my home I can see three active volcanoes.  We had a 5.0
quake last night 8:30 P.M. 30 miles due west from my house with a depth of
47 miles.  It was a short quick one couple of little vibrations the three
big jolts.  Our area here is in constant motion with a subduction zone
running up from the Aleutian trench into Cook Inlet were it meets the
pacific, west coast fracture zone.  Our activity has increased down by
Kodiak Island which is on the east side of the subduction zone with about
five volcanoes on the west side which includes Katmi, which had the second
largest volcanic eruption in our recorded history.  When Katmi went off if
the eruption was in New York you would of been able to hear it in Chicago.
I'm thinking that a volcano is working it's way to the surface on the south
end of Kodiak Island, because of the number of quakes in that area in the
last year, or so with a couple of quakes in the upper 7 range.      I hiked
into the Katmi area and took photos of the vent< nova eruptus, which was on
the valley floor several thousand feet from the summit of Katmi caldera.
The vent is now plugged with a lava plug which is hot and steams.  I'm
sending a photo of the lava dome, side view with the valley below which is
still desolate by the eruption almost 100 years ago.
Thanks for your time
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Subject: BIG QUAKE !

> just terminated now the record of a very big quake
> Preliminary location    INDIA-PAKISTAN BORDER REGION
> Ms  7.6 / 7.8 or more....!!!!!!!
> No report yet by international agencies
> Francesco    Italy
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