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Subject: Re: BIG QUAKE !
From: The Lahrs johnjan@........
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 04:19:46 -0700

Hi Dennis,

Great photograph!

There is probably no direct connection between the 4 large events that occurred
near southern Kodiak Island and any of the volcanoes in the region.  Three of
the four occurred within the subducted Pacific plate and were due to 
of the plate as it is pulled into the mantle.  The most recent one was on the
thrust boundary between the underthrusting Pacific plate and the overriding
North American plate.  All of these events are indicative of continued 
which is the process that leads to volcanism, but they are not directly 
to any particular future eruption.

You're certainly living in a hot spot for big earthquakes, so take every 

Cheers, John

At 11:35 PM 1/25/2001 , you wrote:
>Hello from Alaska.  I live on Cook Inlet which one side has the Alaska Range
>which  has several active volcanoes, three of which have erupted in the last
>15 years. ...

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