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Subject: If you felt the quake it was scary
From: Stacey Martin 9point1@.......
Date: 27 Jan 2001 22:09:23 IST

     I wish I could have set up my PSN station, but I haven't and have th=
missed the biggest quake we've had in 50 years. I did feel it though and =
was scary enough. I'm roughly 725 kilometers SE of the epicentre. I was o=
n my
computer at the time (about 8:50am IST) and though I was feeling guidy. T=
the curtains and things around began to gently swing. It wasn't a fast
jerking, but more of a a relatively slow side-to-side shaking. I immediat=
ran into a doorframe and from there watched in awe as the water in my aqu=
began to slosh back and forth !!!!! It lasted around 20 seconds. I then r=
into the balcony and saw my windchimes still winging and in the opposite
apartment building, on the 4th floor, a suspended lamp was swinging back =
forth, in an east-west direction. At the time I was too excited and calle=
d up
a few friends who hadn't felt a thing. Then I called up my aunt in Mumbai=
she too didn't feel it. but she called back a few minutes later and said
someone in Bandra (a mumbai suburb) had felt it. The news got it within 2=
minutes. Lots of people from my apartment building are from Gujarat and s=
o are
many of my friends. One of my friends is from Surat one of the affected
cities, but thankfully she and her family are ok. So was my dad's boss wh=
missed the train to Ahmedabad, due to a booking error. He was to go on th=
25th but the ticket was booked for the 26th by the agent. =

I know the mailing list is for other technical stuff, but hey this was ba=
d and
its getting worse by the hour. First time a big quake has struck major ci=
in India. While I'm writing this the number of dead is 13,000. Some of th=
stories and pictures are nighmarish, ghastly and gut wrenching. This trul=
y was
a bad 26th January for us, I guess we could call it the Great Republic Da=

Stacey Martin
ASC - Amateur Seismic Centre

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