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Subject: Re: Burr-Brown ADS7807 A/D chips - help!
From: Bob Smith bobsmith5@........
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 08:28:06 -0500

Larry --

If my memory serves me correctly, B-B was recently bought up
by Texas Instruments(?).  I suggest that you contact TI
directly for news on this component.

You should also visit  and consider
joining the ChipDir-L email list.  Part of their objective
is help with information and sources of supply for hard to
find chips.  If you want to really get their attention you
should plan on purchasing about US$200.00 worth of parts.

It is quite likely that B-B components will be in a state of
flux for at least several several months while TI(?)
optimizes and integrates the B-B product line into their

It may not be a bad idea to find a substitute for the 7807. 
Sixteen bit A/Ds are becomming mainstream today so finding
one should not be real hard.

I suggest Maxim, Linear Technologies, Analogue Devices and
National Semiconductor as starteres.

	Please email me if I can offer additional information.

	Sincerely, Bob Smith

Larry Cochrane wrote:
> Greetings,
> If anyone on this list has any Burr-Brown ADS7807 A/D converter chips please
> let me know. As most of you know I sell an A/D card that a lot of the PSN
> stations use to record data. I placed an order for more chips back in
> November. I'm now hearing from my distributor that Burr-Brown won't be
> shipping more until April or maybe later. When I placed my order the lead
> time as this month. Needless to say I'm really upset (there are better word,
> but I won't use them)  with Burr-Brown. At this point their right up there
> on my hate list with PG&E and our politicians who got us in the power
> problem...
> As of today I'm out of 16-bit chips. I do have 10 12-bit chips in-stock so I
> can ship boards with them in it and have the user upgrade later when / if I
> get more. Let me know if you can help out.
> Thanks,
> Larry Cochrane
> Redwood City, PSN
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