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Subject: Re: Burr-Brown ADS7807 A/D chips - help!
From: "Jack Sandgathe" jacksand@...............
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 21:21:17 -0800

Larry,  I have a chip: ADS7807P with the following numbers below:
9320ALA2343 ( I think, they are pretty small)

If you need it, I will be glad to send it to you.  It is probably 5 years
old.  I see some suggestions from others about possible sources.  Let me

I have moved from British Columbia, where I had obtained electronics from
you for an S.G. system.  We have built here in Black Diamond - 45 minutes SW
of Calgary, Alberta.  This summer I hope to complete my system and 'get with

Regards, Jack Sandgathe
> If anyone on this list has any Burr-Brown ADS7807 A/D converter chips
> let me know. As most of you know I sell an A/D card that a lot of the PSN
> stations use to record data. I placed an order for more chips back in
> November. I'm now hearing from my distributor that Burr-Brown won't be
> shipping more until April or maybe later. When I placed my order the lead
> time as this month. Needless to say I'm really upset (there are better
> but I won't use them)  with Burr-Brown. At this point their right up there
> on my hate list with PG&E and our politicians who got us in the power
> problem...
> As of today I'm out of 16-bit chips. I do have 10 12-bit chips in-stock so
> can ship boards with them in it and have the user upgrade later when / if
> get more. Let me know if you can help out.
> Thanks,
> Larry Cochrane
> Redwood City, PSN
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