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Subject: Re: BasicStamp question
From: Doug Sutherland doug@.............
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 15:13:31 -0800


I have been doing quite a bit of work with microcontrollers. 
I thought I'd mention that the BasicX BX24s are more capable
than basic stamps by almost every measure. They are faster, 
have more RAM, do multitasking, and have 10-bit ADCs. I have
these interfaced to embedded pentiums with some interesting 
and powerful results, and also have them interfaced to 12-bit
ADC chips.

I am right now working on interfacing EEG circuitry, which 
is very similar to seismic signal processing. I am working 
towards building a very small EEG data acquisition module 
using AD620 instrumentation amps and OP-90 op amps for low
pass filtering. I will be trying two approaches to data 
massaging, in one scenario the microcontroller will pass 
the raw EEG data to an embedded pentium for FFT processing 
for spectral analyis, and if that works I will try doing 
the same on the microcontroller itself. In the case of EEG
data, 8-bit ADCs are sufficient. If I succeed with the EEG
project, I may try interfacing a 16-bit ADC and doing some
seismic signal processing. Most of the techniques and 
components are the same for EEG as for seismic data, so I
can probably reuse or adapt a lot of the same code. The
EEG software challenge goes further because there are many 
possible protocols for user feedback as it related to 
neurofeedback training. 

  -- Doug

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