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Subject: Re: BasicStamp question
From: "David Saum" DSaum@............
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 08:29:08 -0500

> From:    "Steve Hammond" 
> Has anybody incorporated a BasicStamp micro in the construction of their
> seismograph, tools, amplifiers, or A/D?
> Regards, Steve Hammond -- PSN Aptos, California

I have done a lot of work with the BasicStamp and PIC microprocessors
and I am currently finishing up a PIC based design:  

You can use the Stamp/PIC pseudo RS-232 output at 9600bps 8N0 to
record data with the Win freeware "Amaseis" program by Alan Jones..
Alan has been very helpful in tweaking Amaseis to work
with devices like Stamps, PICs and DataQ units from RS.

Your output ASCII data records can be + or - numbers with
magnitudes up to 32767 (perhaps greater) and each
record is terminated with  LF and CR characters.  
Amaseis can create data records that can be read
by WinQuake.  Let me know if you need any more
information.  Records look like

My single board system (amp/filter/adc/serial) 
draws its power from the serial port, so its starts
working as soon as you plug it in.  I am using a single
low noise opamp (LT1677), an 8 pole bessel filter
chip (MAX7401) and a PIC14000 with onboard 16 bit a/d.
I use free/shareware to set my PC clock to accurate time and
to maintain the time base within a fraction of a second/week.
I just sent a beta version to Angel Rodriguez in Panama
for use with 4.5 Hz geophones. I am looking for more beta
testers. My goal is make it simple to construct a high
quality Lehman or geophone system for less then $200.




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