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There has been a lot of talk lately as concerns the SE US.... I am now just
starting to pay attention although I knew the Madrid was a big deal I didn't
figure it into my scheme. Ray Cole who lived on the Madrid, told me many
stories that were passed on orally to him....Ray died in his mid-80's a few
years ago...I wish I had more time to speak with him. Meanwhile ELFRAD has
been posting some messages about this warnings or such as this is
not what they do...however..if activity continues to build in this area, I
may add a few easy to use clickables to the alert site. We have many readers
who live back east and this has been a major concern to them...I appreciate
any and all input I can get on the Madrid System...
cc: Pinpoint

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Mornin,,  actually it is on almost all the helicorders around the world,,
check out;
A very rough guess, based on the time of what I think are the surface waves
in the little rock trace, the event is around 1,500 +/- a couple hundred
miles from Mimphis.   The IU/PAYG Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands
trace on the world helicorder site looks to have the earliest and highest
  PSN Station #55
  near Pilot Hill Ca
  38.828N  120.979W

Bryan Goss wrote:

> I have not figured out why this is not in the near real time quake list, I
looked at Memphis, Little Rock, and my Lehman. The Memphis Recent New Madrid
Helicorder Displays Show what looks like a quake at 10:28 UTC
> But I can't find any info on this?


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