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Subject: Re: tiltmeter sensitivity
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 18:43:22 -1000


thanks.  I have the proper drive electronics boxes which come with these.  So
no worries, but a good general point to note.  The other thing I didn't mention
was that the documentation claims that the devices have infinite resolution.
Limited, obviously, by the electronics.


Ian Smith

sean@........... wrote:

> Ian,
> Now that you have mentioned that your tiltmeter is probably an electrolytic
> bubble, I meant to mention that most of these have complex electrode/
> electrolyte chemistry and must be operated as an AC bridge. If you are
> inclined to probe circuits with a multimeter, do NOT try to measure
> the electrode resistance with a DC ohm-meter. The slightest DC current
> will ruin the sensor by plating the coating off the electrodes. This is
> of particular concern for anyone who finds the biaxial Rockwell sensor
> in an electronics surplus store, since the electrodes are plated onto the
> curved glass surface, and will disappear almost instantly if a meter is
> applied. In fact, it may already be ruined inside the SS shell.  I can
> supply the schematic to properly operate this bubble.
> Sean-Thomas
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