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Subject: Re: Ground water anomalies
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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 15:17:27 EST

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<< Dear all,
 I am a new subscriber to the PSN list and am finding
 myself awed by the volume of information going to and
 fro. More so, as I am an amateur. But still, I would
 like to stay on and learn a bit. May be you all may
 help me understand somethings that are intriguing me
 regarding earthquakes.
 First, I am from India and live near Gujarat state,
 which was rocked on January 26 by a devastating quake.
 What I want to know is about the relation between
 anomolous behaviour of ground water with seismic
 activity. I read in a book that there is a research
 going to predict earthquakes by studying the behaviour
 of ground water table (shifting places, etc) before
 the tremors. I understand that there is a strong link,
 and changes in ground water level can be traced 3-4
 months before the main shock. Can somebody fill me up
 on this.
 Sorry, if I sound like an idiot. In that case please
 correct me.

Hello Himanshu:

If you have access to a technical library, you might get a copy of a recent 
textbook on ground water hydrology or hydrogeology.  These books usually have 
a section that discusses earthquakes and their effects on ground water.  For 
example, the book that I have handy is:

Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology, by Patrick A. Domenico and Franklin W. 
Schwartz (John Wiley and Sons publishers).

The authors discuss earthquakes and ground water on pages 313-315 and cite a 
number of reports on the subject.

Hope this is helpful.

Bob Laney
Herndon, Virginia

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