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Subject: New WinQuake beta release
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 00:56:01 -0800


Today I released a new beta release of WinQuake. The version number is 2.7.3
with a release date of 2/14/2001. You will find download links on this page: Please see the readme.txt file in
the release zip file for installation information.

This is what's new in this beta release;

Several cosmetic changes have been made to some of the new dialog boxes.
Thanks to Karl Cunningham for pointing them out.

I increased the maximum number of samples WinQuake will read in. It was set
to 250k, it's now set to 2 million.

I added support for a new PSN Historical database. I am now running an event
database server that WinQuake can access. This is similar to the server at except my server goes back to 1980, only goes
back about 2 years, and my server has more information like the magnitude
type (Ml, Mw etc.) and the reporting agency.

The database information comes from Council of the National Seismic System
(CNSS). See for more information. The actual database
files that I process once a day  (at midnight local time) are stored on the
Berkeley Seismo Lab system. You can see what the raw files look like by
going to this site: To seed
the process I pulled and processed all of the files from 1980 to present. I
process the files by parsing out the important information and save the data
in binary format. I also filter out any events below magnitude 2.5. Now once
per day my system checks for any updated files on the Berkeley system.

The event database server I am running has two limitations. It will only
handle up to 5 connections at any one time and it will only send out 1000
events per request before disconnection. This is to limit the memory and
bandwidth utilization on my system.

To use the historical lookup feature go to the Event Report dialog box and
then select the Load Network Report button. In the Network Report dialog box
select one of the three data@ services list in the Network Service list box.
The two new items are data@.................... (PSN Historical Data) and
data@.................. (PSN Historical Data Backup). Both servers actually
come to the same NT system here at my house. They differ in the IP address
used to get here. I'm not sure if I ever sent out an email about this. I
have two DSL lines now coming to my house using different ISPs. This gives
me a little more redundancy to send and receive data over the Internet.

You have two options when you select one of the historical servers. If you
have an event display window open when opening the Network Report dialog
box, you can select the Connect button and WinQuake will request all events
around the start time of the event file. If you select the Historical
button, you will get another dialog box that allows you to request data
based on a start and end time. You can also filter the data request based on
the magnitude. I will be adding a location filter soon. If you open the
Network Report dialog box when no event files are being displayed, the
Connect button does the same thing as the Historical button.

Please let me know if you run into any problems with the new release.

-Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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