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Subject: Re: collecting seismic data on my computer
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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 12:48:37 EST

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edwianni@........ writes:

<< Hi Everyone;
     I have just completed my first home built seismograph and I am feeding 
it into a chart recorder. I would now like to feed it into my computer but I 
don't know where or how to start. Any simple clear cut advice would help and 
be appreciated. Thank you very much. Ed. >>
Hi Ed,
    Like you I have just completed a home built seismograph. it is a vertical 
leaf-spring seismograph made from the plasterer's trowel Sean Thomas 
recommends. I first checked it out with an oscilloscope to see that it was 
putting out a signal and now I am recording it with "Windaq", a ~$100 Radio 
Shack A/D converter and software that converts a computer into a strip-chart 
recorder. Windaq is good enough for me to see that I am not recording the 
6-second microseisms. My amplifier is an AD524 instrument amplifier. The 
"Windaq" converter shows me I need more amplification. After I get this thing 
recording the 6-second microseisms and its magnetic damping correctly 
adjusted, I'll probably replace Windaq with Larry's SDR program.
Have fun and good luck,

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