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Subject: seismometer for kids?
From: "David Saum" DSaum@............
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 10:54:04 -0400

Perhaps someone on this list can
help this desperate mom.  I do
not have any expertise in this area.

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Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2001 10:13 AM
Subject: A child's quick and easy to build seismometer request

> Good Morning,
>      I am the Mother of a ten year old boy who was building a seismometer
> a science fair project.
>      We are not getting the results we expected.
>      We are going out of town and have only two days to finish.  Do you
> any suggestions for an easy and quick to build seismometer with materials
> from the local hardware store?
>      I deeply appreciate your assistance.
>      Thanks, Desperate Mom


The Inexpensive Seismometer Project


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