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Perhaps David meant expertise with science fair projects and the idea of
developing a simple seismogram for a science fair.  Some of can build crude
seismograms out of wood, a brick, string and an ink pen, others cannot and
prefer to stick to more elaborate instruments that are way above the
understanding of a lay person and 10 yr. old.  I dare say that all of the
instruments noted within this community are not for the novice who doesn't
really have much time to work with.

Lastly, I felt that your response to the mother and inevitably her son,
while it may be truthful, was brash.  Really intelligent people who are
willing to assist others must be diplomatic if, as a group, we expect to
succeed in bringing today's youngsters and others into a truly gratifying
area of study.

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Please correct me if I'm off base, but your response to the post by
pamelastartup@.......  completely baffles me since she was referencing your
website and yet you asked list members to give her questions an answer,
which I and several other members did.

Erich Kern


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