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That is too bad....She might have taken your advice and gone on to better
things next year. I also wrote her privately suggesting to her that asking
for advice on the project 2 days away and then adding a trip was planned
also, made it almost impossible to do anything for this year and to take the
  I have 7 kids....All that have completed high school did a science fair
project. I still have two at home and this year I am going to have them work
together on the site that Jim ODonnell suggested! What a wonderful URL!
Thanks Jim.
  Out of 7 kids I have a BS RN who is working on her NP MS and a Physical
Therapist son who is working on a PhD. Both of these kids did science fairs
not so long ago (*at least it seems that way to an aging parent). One did a
demonstration of liquifaction and won the fair top prize. It always makes a
dad proud when something I had been doing seems to have rubbed off....Again
thanks Jim!

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Subject: Re: science fair seis

> Sean-Thomas,
> Many thanks for posting your letter concerning helping "Desperate Mom"
> her son's seismograph in a couple of days. I wrote to her direct saying I
> could do nothing to help her finish it in two days but encouraging her to
> again next year and promising I'd help her. This morning I got an answer
> saying "thanks, but no thanksmore information.


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