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Subject: 2001 SSA Meeting in San Francisco
From: Dick Webb dwebb2@..............
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 20:40:06 -0400


I just wanted to rub it in a little by mentioning how great the meeting was 
last week in San Francisco.  Not only were the presentations very 
interesting and educational, but the field trip to the faults east of the 
bay were great.  And, I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Lehman and spending 
some time with him.  You missed a great meeting!  Jim took some pictures 
and said he would send  me copies that I can scan.  I will send them to the 
PSN and rub it in some more that you should have come.  Perhaps next year 
at Victoria, BC or the year after in Puerto Rico we can motivate you to 
attend and even have a PSN meeting for the country and world.



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