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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 10:43:02 EDT

In a message dated 4/26/01 4:29:33 AM GMT Daylight Time, angel@...............

<< Hello Cap,
 I would write Mr. Hutt directly.  This is part of a letter I sent him
 earlier today. >>

Hi Angel

That is a good idea and I have already written the letter below to Dr. Hutt.=
As for the test set, if I am lucky enough to get one, I certainly would be=20
willing to pass it around to others.=20

The big problem is finding someone willing to meet Dr. Hutt's requirement=20
that the seismometers be removed promptly before he is forced to throw them=20
out as garbage. Do any of you PSN guys have any ideas? It would be a shame t=
let these fine Geotech instruments that cost the government thousand of=20
dollars get thrown away as scrap iron. I would be willing to contribute to a=
fund to have them picked up and transferred to a warehouse where they can be=
saved from destruction until arrangements can be made to crate them and ship=
them to other PSN members who might like to have a free Geotech seismometer.=
Is anyone else willing to help me set up such a fund? Are others willing to=20
help save them from certain destruction?

A seismometer is a seismometer and these fine Geotech instruments like any=20
other seismometer should work just fine sitting on your basement or garage=20
floor. If you want to get fancy and your wife will let you, you could dig a=20
hole in the floor and lower the instrument into or out of the hole with a=20
"Come Along" from Home Depot. The amplifier and filter can be the same sort=20
of stuff we hook to a Lehman and record on SDR or whatever. I would use the=20
vertical output which should record more and better teleseisms than a=20
long-period horizontal Lehman.

I would appreciate it very much if some of you experts like Sean Thomas and=20
the others would add your thoughts and comments to the above. Below is a cop=
of Angel's complete message

Best regards and thanks,



Hello Cap,

I would write Mr. Hutt directly.  This is part of a letter I sent him
earlier today.

"... I know that the amateur community is quite organized and collectively
very resourceful and handy. I do not know how you plan to dispose of
the test set /controller units, but before you "dump" the KS36000
please offer them along with the controllers to someone in the amateur
community through the PSN list.  Then then that person could ship the
test set "on loan" to members who were willing to bore a hole and bear the=20
expense of operating and maintaining a KS36000.



Wednesday, April 25, 2001, 8:02:53 PM, you wrote:

Cac> In a message dated 04/25/2001 7:16:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time,=20
Cac> ralvarez@........ writes:

Cac> << OK, as promised is the updated message direct from Bob Hutt.  Please
Cac>  contact him if you have any furhter questions. >>

Cac> Hi Raul,
Cac> A free Geotech seismometer is a good deal no matter how you look at it.=
Cac> the price is right!!!!!  Is there a PSN member with a pickup truck=20
Cac> in the Albuquerque area who would be willing to pick up one of these=20
Cac> top-of-the-line instruments and take it to a professional packing=20
Cac> where it can be crated and put it on a truck to be shipped to one of us=
Cac> are not discouraged by Dr. Hutt's dire warnings? If so let me be the=20
first to=20
Cac> say I'd like to make a deal and will put a money order in the mail to=20
Cac> whatever it costs to get it on its way. Since I am making the first=20
offer I'd=20
Cac> appreciate very much getting one of those "Test Set/Controller for=20
Cac> installation" with my seismometer. I would think this should be sent=20
Cac> separately by UPS.

Cac> Best Regards,
Cac> Cap

Cac> Casper Hossfield
Cac> 935 Warwick Turnpike
Cac> Hewitt, NJ 07421
Cac> __

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