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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 15:32:41 EDT

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<< I will be going down to see them as soon as available.  This will make it 
 to see how much packing etc will be needed.  The main problem is that, as 
they are
 heavy, shippers tend to be rough with that sort of item.  Need exceptional 
 to survive - read "crating".
Raul Alvarez
LaEstrellita Observatory >>

Hi Raul, 

Thanks for being willing to go down to Albuquerque and look the situation 
over. I believe the best idea might be to find a long-distance trucking 
company with a terminal in Albuquerque and ask them how we could get a 
seismometer on one of their trucks and on its way to any of us who are 
interested enough in having one to pay for the shipping. They are probably 
too big and heavy by the time you pack and crate them to go by UPS. The 
trucking company should be able to tell you how to arrange to have the 
Seismometer picked up and strapped onto a skid for shipping. My experience 
with transporting heavy stuff like this is that it is less apt to suffer 
damage from rough handling on a skid where a lift truck operator loads and 
unloads it at the trucking terminal than if it is packed in a box or crate 
for UPS shipping. 

Thanks for your help.

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