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Subject: KS36000 seismos and assumptions?
From: "meredith lamb" mlamb1@..........
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:28:53 -0700

Hi all,

Robert my brother Bob thinks the units are of the analog output
and LVDT type sensing.  The tester seems to read resistance
and capacitance which seems to be a "clue" tip off for this
type of sensing.  I'am not into much electronics but I've seen
a generally simple circuit that may have possiblities in this
regard.  Being as they ARE SURPLUS, and OLDER, there may
not be any alternative but to home brew a circuit to utilize such;
especially if GeoTech doesn't stock/maintain specific equipment
(?) or the price is too high at that company (?).  Am not sure
at all, but I am guessing these units are ~ 20-30 years old.

Meredith Lamb


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