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Subject: Re: KS36000 seismos and assumptions?
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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 17:33:18 EDT

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<<  Being as they ARE SURPLUS, and OLDER, there may
 not be any alternative but to home brew a circuit to utilize such;
 especially if GeoTech doesn't stock/maintain specific equipment
 (?) or the price is too high at that company (?).  Am not sure
 at all, but I am guessing these units are ~ 20-30 years old.
 Meredith Lamb >>

Hi Meredith, 
I would definitely want to homebrew whatever I would connect to the free 
KS36000 I hope to get, to make it into a usable seismograph. From what Dr. 
Hutt has said about them it is reasonable to guess they were used to monitor 
underground nuclear tests and so your guess that they are 20-30 years old is 
probably correct. Undoubtedly Geotech made a rugged but yet accurate 
instrument so it could be shipped around the world and installed in deep bore 
holes in far away places to perform for many years without maintenance. They 
should make a very good seismo for anyone willing and able to homebrew the 
same stuff they would have to homebrew to go with a Lehman they might build. 
Thanks, Meredith, for your helpful advice. I hope others will add further 
advice and comments too.


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