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Subject: Re: KS36000 seismos and assumptions?
From: "Charles R. Patton" charles.r.patton@........
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 16:53:07 -0700

Regarding the borehole instuments.  I can't help speculating on the
following: Although they were designed for a borehole, they almost
certainly were individual seismometers, stacked one above the other,
mounted inside a larger case.  It should be possible to separate them
and ship as individuals once the borehole case is removed.  The idea of
temporarily hauling them to a storage locker and disassembling them
might be a viable option.  At worst it might involve hack-sawing a
mounting frame apart (I'd personally use a angle grinder if it came to
that.)  Once they're apart the seismo masses could be blocked for
shipment thereby protecting them.  And once they're in that size unit,
they could be shipped UPS, cheaply and quickly.  

The electronics inside may have gotten moist or wet, that would account
for the "noisy" performance.  

One calibration/control box unit is essential to back engineering the
required voltages and expected levels to make homebrew electronics.  In
particular I expect that it had remote control leveling motors to set it
up once it was in the borehole.

If Raul can do an initial look-see, maybe take some photos to discuss
possible separation methods, I'd be willing to fly down and help cart
them to a storage locker and take them apart with the aforementioned
process. (Raul, if you schedule it later in the week, maybe I can fly
down for the look-see also.) I can bring the angle grinder! Two people,
a rental truck and a cherry picker/engine lift could handle the
instruments.  3 or more could probably just pick them up by hand.  I'd
estimate a day to move them and  maybe 3 days work to break down 40
instruments.  After that shipping would be extra.  A small storage
locker would be about $50 for a month but probably wouldn't allow
working on them there.  A better option would be to find an aviation
homebuilder at a local airport who would let us use some space for a
couple of days.  If you think this makes sense, I might be able to
pursue that option.

Anyway, that might keep the shipping and overhead costs low.  What do
you think?

Charles R. Patton

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