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Subject: Re: Why use your PC...
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:17:02 -0700

Hi Kareem --

Here are some advantages of using a PC:

   There are LOTS of PCs around and older ones can be had for very little 
   Data ends up on the hard disk of the PC where it can be easily shared 
with others.
   Archival data can be written to CDROM for storage.
   No ink to mess with.  No recording paper to buy.
   The paper or ink never runs out just before a big event occurs.
   Replacement parts for a PC are easily obtained should it fail.
   The PC can be located near the seismometer and connected via network to 
other PCs for data analysis.  This can reduce noise pickup.
   There are really great programs available to do the data recording.


   For public display, the output may not be as impressive as a drum recorder.
   Knowledge of computer hardware and software is required to set it up.
   You need to add an A/D converter board in the PC to capture the signals, 
and they tend to be somewhat expensive.
   You can't as easily look at a whole day's record on one page, as with a 
drum recorder.
   Fans need occasional cleaning.
   Power consumption is higher.
   PCs create electronic noise that can interfere with the sensitive 
electronics in seismometers.

-- Karl

At 07:01 AM 4/27/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>What are the benefits of integrating a seismograph recording system with
>one's PC?


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