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Subject: Re: KS36000 seismos and assumptions?
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Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 20:51:55 EDT

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<< Regarding the borehole instuments.  I can't help speculating on the
 following: Although they were designed for a borehole, they almost
 certainly were individual seismometers, stacked one above the other,
 mounted inside a larger case.  It should be possible to separate them
 and ship as individuals once the borehole case is removed.  The idea of
 temporarily hauling them to a storage locker and disassembling them
 might be a viable option.  >>

Hi Charles, 

I like the idea of loading the KC36000 seismos on a truck and taking them to 
storage shed to take them apart.  It solves Dr. Hutt's problem which is that 
he has to clear all  of them out of his warehouse and we are saving all forty 
of these high quality instruments. I would like to fly down and help you and 
Raul too but I live too far away. Instead I will help you by putting a check 
in the mail for $100 to help pay for trucking and a storage shed. 

One of the things I believe we should consider is, is it a good idea to just 
hack them all to pieces? Being in a hurry we might do something we later wish 
we hadn't done. I believe it would be better to Test them first to pick out 
the good ones. Dr. Hutt says he checked 6 of them that are in good condition. 
Some of us might like to have the whole three instruments in the case so we 
can set them in the ground like you see done in the web site Angel gave us:   I believe they would do 
quite well in a shallow hole you could dig with a post hole digger of the 
type used to plant fence posts. Just level them up, pack some sand around 
them and build some homebrew electronics and you have a seismometer as good 
as any the Geological survey uses.

What do you think of this idea: Suppose instead of taking couple of days 
taking them all apart in Albuquerque, you drive the truck all the way home to 
California where you live. Then put them in a storage shed near home and you 
can take them apart a few at a time on weekends without rushing. That way you 
could UPS a few individual units to interested people who could try them out 
and let the rest of the PSN people know how they work.

Maybe some others could help out by sending a few bucks too, to get this 
project on the way?? I  hope others will also post some ideas on how we can 
go about all this.

Best regards,
Casper Hossfield

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