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Subject: Re: KS36000 seismos and assumptions?
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Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 22:43:20 -0400

I can't remember who exactly siad it but someone siad (in this mailing list) 
that the sensors are sealed with a gas around them to prevent noise. I am 
assuming that if you take them apart the gas will leak out and cause noise 
(probely the reason for the noisy channels in the first place).


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>Subject: Re: KS36000 seismos and assumptions?
>Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 20:51:55 EDT
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><< Regarding the borehole instuments.  I can't help speculating on the
>  following: Although they were designed for a borehole, they almost
>  certainly were individual seismometers, stacked one above the other,
>  mounted inside a larger case.  It should be possible to separate them
>  and ship as individuals once the borehole case is removed.  The idea of
>  temporarily hauling them to a storage locker and disassembling them
>  might be a viable option.  >>
>Hi Charles,
>I like the idea of loading the KC36000 seismos on a truck and taking them 
>storage shed to take them apart.  It solves Dr. Hutt's problem which is 
>he has to clear all  of them out of his warehouse and we are saving all 
>of these high quality instruments. I would like to fly down and help you 
>Raul too but I live too far away. Instead I will help you by putting a 
>in the mail for $100 to help pay for trucking and a storage shed.
>One of the things I believe we should consider is, is it a good idea to 
>hack them all to pieces? Being in a hurry we might do something we later 
>we hadn't done. I believe it would be better to Test them first to pick out
>the good ones. Dr. Hutt says he checked 6 of them that are in good 
>Some of us might like to have the whole three instruments in the case so we
>can set them in the ground like you see done in the web site Angel gave us:
>   I believe they would do
>quite well in a shallow hole you could dig with a post hole digger of the
>type used to plant fence posts. Just level them up, pack some sand around
>them and build some homebrew electronics and you have a seismometer as good
>as any the Geological survey uses.
>What do you think of this idea: Suppose instead of taking couple of days
>taking them all apart in Albuquerque, you drive the truck all the way home 
>California where you live. Then put them in a storage shed near home and 
>can take them apart a few at a time on weekends without rushing. That way 
>could UPS a few individual units to interested people who could try them 
>and let the rest of the PSN people know how they work.
>Maybe some others could help out by sending a few bucks too, to get this
>project on the way?? I  hope others will also post some ideas on how we can
>go about all this.
>Best regards,
>Casper Hossfield
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